5 Strong Communication Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Have!

Running a business of your own demands much more than any white collar job and as an owner of your company, you should know the tricks through which you can bring your company a better profit. What matters the most in the business is how well you are able to communicate your ideologies to your potential client. Heard about the famous saying that what you say doesn’t matters but how you say it, surely plans the next step of success. We have been sharing some worth following tips about how you can … [Read more...]

15 Reasons Why you can never become Rich?

Did you ever think what made the rich so rich? What is so special about them? Why can’t you be rich? What stops you from being one? Do you have any idea? No! You simply don’t have answers to these very simple questions. For the world, they are same people as you are but with a slightly different mindset and a strong will to be on the top. Being rich is not only about earning money, it is a lot more than that. Everyone wishes to be rich but only a few determined dreamers manage to fulfill their … [Read more...]

Top 10 World’s safest countries to live in 2013

The World is becoming an uncertain place where each day a new threat to human life is seen. Whether it is Pakistan or California, there are all possibilities of disastrous outcomes, somewhere due to terrorism, and somewhere because of the climatic changes. However, if the situation is taken into consideration, it would be found that the following 10 countries are the most safest to live, on the basis of parameters such as political stability, murder statistics, and respect of human rights to … [Read more...]

Bigg Boss Season 6 Starts With Controversial Guests

With the enhancements that Media is bringing in every shows been casted, The viewers of the reality shows are increasing day by day. Statistics have shown that after Indian Idol, it is Bigg Boss that has enjoyed better ratings each time than its previous season. Bigg Boss is a reality show that is based on the storyline, where 15 most popular celebrities of India’s Showbiz are asked to leave their families, work and all the bonds with outside world and are made to live in a house for three … [Read more...]