How much Nida Yasir earns through her Morning Show?

Pakistan's talented model and actress Nida Yasir has been Pakistan's morning show host for about a few years now. She has made her way into everyone's hearts through her hard work and helping personality. Women from all around the world, especially, have been encourage and motivated due to her daily morning appearances. She has had the privilege to win a number of hearts through her hard work. … [Read more...]

12 Logical Reasons Why Facebook Bought Instagram for $1 Billion

If you are a Facebook User and You are keen to know what forced the Giant Facebook to invest $1 Billion in getting its hands on Instagram, you are at the right place because, even we had been working hard to actually settle down with a piece of research behind this. Oh yes, for those who do not yet know the big news of the Social Media Market, Facebook has actually acquired Instagram App for $1 Billion. Having been talk much about the news itself, here are some of the actual Logical reasons that … [Read more...]

Why Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson Resigned

One of the biggest news to break for the year 2016 is the Panama papers. Confidential in nature, these papers have caused havoc in the world. A total of 12 national leaders have been mentioned in these papers, while a further 143 politicians and their family members have been pointed out in these leaks. People are calling for their leaders to justify or resign over these controversial ownership of offshore companies. Amongst the national leaders mentioned in these papers is the name of Prime … [Read more...]

How qualified is the Superstar Humayun Saeed?

If you are too, a fan of Humayun Saeed and want to know how qualified your favorite actor is, here is the right place for you. In modern Pakistani entertainment industry, very few stars are known to rise so high and so fast. Superstar Humayun Saeed is one of them. In Pakistan, there would hardly be anyone who has not heard of the famous actor and model ‘Humayun Saeed’. Within no time, Humayun Saeed has become a media icon and an inspiration for many. Humayun Saeed is one of the most loved and … [Read more...]

What Is the Education and Qualification of Atif Aslam?

Muhammad Atif Aslam is one of the most famous singer, film actor and music composer of Pakistan. Apart from giving this world some of the best songs to listen, he has also given record breaking Pakistani film to the Lollywood cinema called Bol where his acting and performance is marvelous. Bol is the highest grossing film of all time in the history of Pakistani cinema and it has been because of good music composing and acting done by none other than Atif Aslam himself. … [Read more...]

What has Contributed in the Success of Fawad Khan?

Fawad Afzal Khan is among the most favorite, acknowledged and renowned Pakistani actor, singer, and model and fashion icon. Within a very short period of time, Fawad Khan has earned himself a position of a very analytically and commercially successful actor and singer in Pakistani films, dramas, stage shows, film industry and everyday commercials. He has recently joined Bollywood film industry and with just one super hit movie Khoobsorat, he has gotten himself a million fan following and … [Read more...]

How Qualified is Ali Zafar?

Ali Zafar is a famous Pakistani singer, song writer, actor, composer and painter. He began his career in Pakistan by being a music composer but later gained popularity after releasing his single Channo worldwide. His album Huqa Pani sold about five million copies overall and turned out to be a big success for him topping different music charts and earned him Lux Style Awards for Best Music Album of the Year. … [Read more...]

What Is the Qualification of Fahad Mustafa?

Fahad Mustafa also known as Sunny Tunio is a renowned Pakistani actor, host, producer, model and public speaker. He began his career in the year 2002 and started modeling in various TV commercials and ramp shows. Later, he used his talents to start acting in drama serials and debut with Sheeshay Ka Mahal the same year. After the success of this drama serial, he took a gap of six long years but came back with a leading role in drama serial Veena. … [Read more...]

Mawra Hocane- Qualification and Success Facts

Talent is what that never stays back at home but finds its way to where it can really exhibits its existence. Talking specifically about the Pakistani Entertainment industry, it is amazing to find that the new generation is doing great in terms of versatility and talent, both at the same time. We did shared a complete research of Shameen Obaid's Success story soon she won the second Oscar, and we are here again with something with a similar theme. Mawra Hocane is one of the leading celebrities … [Read more...]

Net Worth of Donald Trump in 2016

Do you know the man who has got that unique characteristic of being highly conscious of his wealth and what his people think or estimate about it? Does that ring a bell? Yes, he is none other than Donald Trump of America who is quite famous not only for his net worth but his own stance on his worth. Often been criticized for his views on democracy and politics in the United States of America, Donald Trump is now known to be one of the most discussed icon over the internet. Good or bad, rumors … [Read more...]

Why You Should Not Use Fiverr In 2016

For all fiverr users, here comes a news. Fiverr in 2016, may not serve as it used to so any hopes with it, might  hurt hopes.Fiverr is one of popular website of today’s life and therefore is currently being used by many people to post gigs and services they are willing to complete. At the end of completion of these gigs, the individual gets paid five dollar which they further can withdraw from PayPal. But, a lot of people are facing challenges using Fiverr and are highlighting many of its … [Read more...]