10 Best Companies to Work For In America

 United States of America is more like a dream for many, no doubts about it but when it comes to choosing the place to work in America, you need to think smart before saying yes to the opportunities that you might have. After a thorough research, we have come accross 10 best companies to work for, in America in 2014 and here is its quick list. Have a look! … [Read more...]

Who Will Inherit Google After Larry Page And Sergey Brin?

Successful businesses which are once launched as a result of long lasting partnership, often lands in dissolution. Ever thought of the future of your favorite search engine while searching anything on it? If not, then here comes a point to consider. Who do you think will inherit Google after Larry Page and Sergey Brin let us say, after 40 years? Unlike the Walmart Corporation, Google Inc. is a trickier one especially in terms of its shares and stakeholder rights. Here are some of our … [Read more...]

How to Translate Handwritten Characters with Google?

Linguistic differences had been one of the major reasons which divided the world into slices however, now that the world is enjoying its globalized touch, thanks to the e-media, Google has finally offered its unique service that will enable you to translate any word you do not understand, no matter whatever language that character or word belongs to. Breaking the news on its official blog, Xiangye Xiao, Product Manager at Google, revealed that sometimes it is easier to just write it down and … [Read more...]

How to switch back to old Gmail compose?

Last year in October 2012, Google announced and makes its Gmail new compose window default for everyone and confirmed in hands with TNW that eventually the new compose will fully take over and the old compose will no longer be available. It has been updated according to the user’s feedback. Most changes don’t need explanations but some differences are worth noticing and here is what you have to notice. … [Read more...]

How Google Search Works With New Sites?

It is always a good practice to keep thinking about things you see and use without noticing how they actually are been done. Now that every household has at least three computers and every member of the family accesses internet for something or the other, it is a point to think that how actually the Google search engine manages such a huge traffic. The search engine displays the answer within seconds you press Enter, do you know the web had over 30 trillion pages, even then you get your answers … [Read more...]

5 SEO Mistakes that affect Traffic of the Blog!

If you are looking to earn reasonably huge through online money making business, you need to learn how important the SEO management is for a blog. Search Engine Optimization is the key to make your blog Google friendly so that the search engine directs traffic, and in other words, the revenue to your blog. We have been discussing SEO tips with you all to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed by our readers, and here are 5 detailed SEO mistakes that the bloggers often make and make their business … [Read more...]

What to Expect from Google SEO in 2013?

Running an online business these days is becoming equally interesting and difficult as any other real world business, probably because of the fact that the competition is increasing day by day. If you are a blogger or planning to turn in to, you really need to learn the new tactics been launched by the Google SEO in the past year and they effect the business of today.  Here are some most predictable moves that the Google SEO might be taking this year. So if you are looking forward to a better … [Read more...]

You Can Now Host Webpages on Google Drive!

If you're like me, and use cloud storage a lot, then at some point, you might have felt the urge to put your free online space to better use. Now most of us love Google - or at least we love some of its products. So here's another feature in Google Drive you might enjoy. You can now use your Drive to host webpages! We had this kind of functionality in DropBox already. But this feature coming to Google Drive means a lot, especially since Google Drive offers more starting space than DropBox. And … [Read more...]

Manage all your Emails from one place with Gmail’s Multiple Inboxes Lab

Are you one of the people who like registering with multiple email services, just so they could check out the different features offered by them? Even though one email service is usually adequate for most people, there's always the urge to check others out just to see what features you might not have with your existing service, or perhaps to grab up your desired username before it's taken by someone else. In any case, people usually wind up with multiple email inboxes they don't have the time or … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Ads in 2013

I hate ads. You hate ads. Almost everybody hates ads, except for manybe the people who make ads. Hell, even they might not like them. The point being that most of the times, you probably wait impatiently for the Skip button whenever an advertisment loads up in a YouTube video, or maybe curse inwardly (I'm just saying :P). But sometimes, some ads really click, so to speak. I wouldn't watch a majority of ads, but I wouldn't skip a really good one either. And as it turns out, there are many other … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Choose or Reject Gmail’s new Compose feature!

Change is good, especially when it has been quite long to have one. Gmail takes care of its users, thereby it is always coming up with improve and better outlook with amazing features to provide easy access. No more junky mails or impossible to clean your account. Gmail, with its new compose feature is allowing users the option of cleaner or more efficient format. Here are some expert advices on whether to stick with your old Gmail or shift to new be solely your decision. Hope the following … [Read more...]