10 Worst Marketing Mistakes of Fiverr Users

Fiverr is a worldwide platform for all the money makers where you post gigs and buyers purchase them as per their work. However, there are a lot of people who make the biggest mistakes while marketing themselves and their work. Therefore, today, we are here to guide you through those areas where the Fiverr users make blunders. Let’s check out the 10 worst mistakes of Fiverr users! … [Read more...]

Why You Should Not Use Fiverr In 2016

For all fiverr users, here comes a news. Fiverr in 2016, may not serve as it used to so any hopes with it, might  hurt hopes.Fiverr is one of popular website of today’s life and therefore is currently being used by many people to post gigs and services they are willing to complete. At the end of completion of these gigs, the individual gets paid five dollar which they further can withdraw from PayPal. But, a lot of people are facing challenges using Fiverr and are highlighting many of its … [Read more...]

9 Underused Time Management Strategies For Serious Freelancers

If you are a freelancer you already would know how important time management is. You might fail to impress your clients with your work if you can't meet a deadline. As a freelancer time is one of your most valuable assets. With proper planning, prioritization and scheduling you can maximize your potential 10x as a freelancer. Read on to find out the 9 underused time management strategies for serious freelancers.  … [Read more...]

Which is best? Freelancer, Elance or oDesk?

Online global outsourcing is growing at a rapid pace which makes up 40% of growth for the industry. For such purpose, the biggest platforms are Freelancer, Elance and oDesk. They provide great services and jobs to all the clients and freelancers. It is quite hard to determine which one is good or not. So let’s first get into what they actually are and how they work to help people in making extra money out of their hard work. Have a look! … [Read more...]

How to Win Orders on Gigbucks?

With the fast growing trend of working from home, there are so many money making alternatives online. From all such alternatives, Gigbucks is a very famous and easy to work with money making alternative for all the freelancers. Gigbucks is a website for job postings and freelancing. It provides an opportunity to people from all over the world to work on a single platform and provide services to clients at affordable rates. Gigbucks lets you join its online world without any registration fee and … [Read more...]

How Entrepreneurship is better than having a Regular Job

Someone once said; "Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can live the rest of your life like most people can't." Entrepreneurship then, isn't a-given. It is earned. But then again, so is a regular job, and both have their own pros and cons. So how do the two differ from each other in terms of the goals, and success? By entrepreneurship, I don't just mean Bill Gate's, or Mark Zuckerberg's success story. Even freelancing or blogging is a form of … [Read more...]

5 Desktop Blogging Tools that will help you with your Blog writing

If you've been blogging or freelance writing for some time, you will know how busy a blogger's life can get. From the frequent writing to the continual maintenance, the work just doesn't seem to stop. You wished you had more time to do all the work in. But the real problem doesn't lie within the excess of the work. It lies in the management of time which a lot of people lend very little care to. If you're a regular blogger, and want to maximize your throughput by optimizing your time, then you … [Read more...]

Common Freelancing mistakes that will destroy your bids!

From an average person's perspective, earning money through Freelancing is the best way to live your life. You don't have to get up early, you can work right from your living room, there's no one to boss you around, and certainly no peer-pressure. This impression might not be too far off, as there are definitely a lot of advantages associated with Freelancing. But these days, some freelancers are making mistakes that are jeopardising their own jobs as well as the industry as a whole, and this is … [Read more...]

iWriter: Make Money by writing articles!

  Making money by writing articles is getting popular each day. Out of every 10 people, 8 are writing for money. This has become one of the most common ways of making money for those who love to write, love to play with words and writing on different topics is their interest. It is always great to work for what you love as then you don’t end up getting tired of your job. If you also love to write and want to earn money out of your writings then you have landed at the right place! Here, we … [Read more...]

15 Books to Improve Freelance Business

Learning is a never ending process and this statement becomes cent percent true when you are affiliated with a freelancing business. Meeting new people, giving them reasons to hire you and then providing them with everything they want in their work needs a lot of perfection and knowledge about the uncertain circumstances. Here are 15 must read books that can do wonders in your freelancing career. Have a look! … [Read more...]

5 Habits that could Damage your Freelancing Career

Making money online, especially through freelancing, is not an easy job. But doing the work isn't as much of the hard part as getting the work in the first place. It takes a lot of time to build up your reputation, and only then can you start getting jobs comfortably. In the process of finding jobs and building reputation, a lot of people, especially startups inevitably end up doing some stupid things they shouldn't do. Such things could cost them their reputation, and ultimately their career. … [Read more...]