Top Ten Financial Mistakes Rich People Do Not Make

 Financial Mistakes are something that you need to avoid. Getting financial advices from people can be very complicated because most of these people are not wealthy. Most of the rich people would disagree from such advices and would never tell you to skip your meals, stop cutting your hair or to not buy expensive coffee as they do not want to promote scarceness. According to them, you can be smart by being thrifty but not by being cheap. Nobody should do stuff that deprives them from their joy … [Read more...]

How Pepsi and Coca Cola are Stealing each other’s Ideas and still winning?

Fighting in the marketing world with the new ways of giving a tough time to the competitors is becoming the foremost concern of the huge businesses who are in a continuous race with their competitors and that becomes obvious when you see their product promotions on screen. If you have ever given a look to the thought on how similar and how different Pepsi and Coca Cola are, you must have landed-up yourself in an utter confusion on how both of the companies are surviving when both of them are … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Prominent Blogs of Brazil In 2014

 Now that FIFA World Cup Brazil is over, it can still be interesting to share something more about the host country which is also known for having the most prominent bloggers as per the reveals of 2014. Known that Brazilians make a pretty creative nation, there are some amazing bloggers who started off with a simple blog and have turned them into the most prominent blogs of Brazil in 2014. Have a look! … [Read more...]

5 Delicious Tips to Find Freelance Clients on Facebook

Freelancing can be a real interesting business if you know how to market yourself as a capable freelancer, who is all ready to take more contracts and get them done in the best manner possible. Unlike any other real-world job, freelancing demands much of your consistency and devotion as requires you to plan your strategies so that you keep a hold on a good amount of projects before you are done with the current one. In a freelance business, where you enjoy being your own boss, you need to be … [Read more...]

Top 6 Facebook Ads Optimization Tips To Spend Budget Wisely

Managing a profitable customer relationship by fulfilling their needs while satisfying the goals and objectives of your organization is what marketing is all about. What we normally take as ‘promoting your product’, is one of the four pillars of marketing, i.e. Product, Placement, Price, Promotion, but is also generally the most important one as it allows you to gain people’s conviction which, in a world of several competitors, is exactly what you need to do. Facebook provides you with easy … [Read more...]

Use Facebook Custom Audiences to improve your Market Targetting

Facebook is increasingly being used for promoting businesses, and has been moving things around a lot in order to encourage more and more people to promote through it. According to its latest quarterly report, Facebook had more than 500,000 pages promoting their business, with over 30% of them new advertisers. This goes on to show that Facebook isn't at a total loss at its campaign to still attract more and more users, and to retain its current ones. Recently, it introduced a new feature called … [Read more...]

Facebook offers new Conversion Tracking and Ad Optimization Tools for better Advertising

Facebook continues on with its array of new tools and features, as it launches some new marketing tools for businesses. It has gone a long way out to introduce new features and tools, such as Graph Search, Developers Live, Video and Voice Calling, and more. This time around, Facebook has introduced some new tools and features to help marketers and advertisers. For businesses that advertise with Facebook, there were already some features available, such as the ability to track the popularity of … [Read more...]

The Secrets on How Facebook Makes Money!

According to the latest survey been conducted about Facebook, it has been found that around 46% of the Facebook users are unaware of how Facebook actually makes money. It to be understood that nothing comes free of cost, something too sweet is never a reality and similarly, though Facebook doesn’t charge its common users like you and me for signing up or sharing images and videos, there is a lot behind the scene that has made Facebook the 2nd most viewed website and Mark Zuckerberg as the most … [Read more...]

Facebook Introduces ‘Create Repeat Event’ option to make organizing Simpler!

Event marketing was never as easy and productive as it is with Facebook’s event service. Facebook is the largest social media that has conquered the world and it is taken as obvious that more than 80% of the internet users own a Facebook profile. Knowing that they have a mass audience, all at one place to target, the event managers and advertisers have been taking advantage of the Facebook Event page service that helps them to grab a huge audience for their events. Making the service even … [Read more...]

6 Things NOT to Do on Facebook as a Brand

Earning with Facebook has recently become an effective method to make money online. All you need to do is to take care of few minute things and you can make some considerably large amount of money on Facebook with the marketing of a brand, product or celebrity, Here are 6 NOT to be done things that can be a hurdle in the business, affiliate to Facebook Brand Marketing. … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Use Facebook to Attract Clients

Whether you are freelancer or a blogger, your business is highly dependent on the power that you own in the social media. For the freelancers, Social media works out as a weapon in getting a hold on some potential clients. However,what is important here is to use the art of utilizing the platform, majorly Facebook. Here are 10 quick tips that can help you in attracting clients on Facebook. … [Read more...]