How Do Olympics Athletes Make Money?

The Olympics are now drawing to close, with a lot of money spent and a lot of questions asked. The £11 Billion+ budget has been spent on constructions, infrastructure, organization, and so on. But a lot of people have been asking the same questions. Do the athletes get any of it? The short answer, actually, is no. The money spent by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) goes majorly into organizing the events, dealing with the audience, setting up and … [Read more...]

How Much Money Does London Make From The Olympics?

The London Olympics 2012 are well under-way and we have already seen great performances from athletes from around the world. Hundreds and thousands of fans and supporters have flown in to catch the live action, and as always, Britain is proving to be a good host. But the games and excitement aside, concerns have been raised over how much has been spent in the games. Britain has already gone overboard the initial bidding amount of around £2.4 Billion, which raises one widely-asked question. How … [Read more...]

Watch The London Olympics 2012 Live From Your Home!

The Olympics 2012 is upon us, after a long 4 year wait! We got to see a spectacular opening ceremony yesterday, which served to raise the expectations of all those watching. The Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world (followed by the world famous FIFA World Cup). It was held in 2008 in China, who made special arrangements for such a major event by building stadiums, hotels, and even airports. Well this time, the ball fallen in London's court, and it looks like it's more than up to … [Read more...]