Facebook Turns Photo Tag Suggestion On: Privacy again at Risk!

It is a fact that when you have as many users as Facebook has, you cannot keep everyone happy and satisfied. Since the day Facebook came into being, it was known for the privacy leverage that it offered to its users, allowing them to keep their privacy settings the way they wanted. However, time changes and so does the policies and this is what Facebook users have been going through. It is only few hours back that Facebook shared an important announcement on its privacy page stating that it has … [Read more...]

How To Approve Your Blog On BuySellAds?

The first thing bloggers look forward even before starting a blog is to have numerous Advertisements for their blog in order to make money with each Ad! Once your blog succeeds in attracting a huge traffic on daily basis, you will see a bunch offers for placing Ads on your blog. However, what people sometimes overlook initially is the fact that getting an approval for advertising is not easy. Heard of BuySellAds.com? It is the most popular Banner Advertising Site. Getting an approval from … [Read more...]

Top 10 Richest Organizations of Afghanistan – 2012

One of the top poorest countries of the World, Afghanistan, does not need any introduction to state the economic crisis in the country. What people might not know is the fact that almost 70% of the Afghanis are living with less than $2 income per day. It’s a pity that we often forget the real heroes of the country who have worked for the welfare of the nation and have provided facilities, contributing in the overall economy of Afghanistan. … [Read more...]

Top 7 Ways For College Students To Make Money Online – 2012

There has been recently, a new trend launched in the Indian as well as Pakistani Market, where the youth is taking a keen interest in availing the best source to earn money. That is, making Money Online. There are many business schemes that you can adopt using the internet. You just have to search the right place to choose what will serve you the best. In this article, I will highlight some common ways through which the students of these both countries can facilitate themselves in the best … [Read more...]

Make Money in 2012 by Filling Free Online Surveys!

Not ready for Blogs, domains, freelancing, advertising, etc.? Then take online surveys! People often assume that online money making involve a lot of time, hard work and consistency like maintaining a blog or writing articles on daily basis, etc. and avoid taking the advantage of one of the best businesses ever introduced on earth. It’s true that somehow people, who want to get benefitted, cannot do so because all this is time consuming. Keeping their dilemma in to consideration, here, I present … [Read more...]

Make Money Online Without Having a Website

With the enhancement of E-Business, Life is getting compact, introducing new, easy and comfortable ways to make money online. I have been discussing about a lot of such earning online methods in my previous posts but today I m in a different mood. I had always been in jeopardy whether to invest a considerably good amount on hosting or not. What if the blog turned into a total failure? What if I found later that no traffic is interested in my content? I m sure few of my readers who are still … [Read more...]

Top 5 Alternatives to BuySellAds

Gone are the days when the blog used to be nothing more than a personal journal, a way for many internet users to voice their opinions and share their thoughts. Today, blogs are one of the biggest money earning sources for hundreds of thousands of people online. Blogs are a great way of earning money online and some people are earning millions of dollars through blogging! As blogging evolved, bloggers started looking for advertisers to put ads on their pages. This was a tedious task since it … [Read more...]