5 Applications to Make Money With Your iPhone Online

It feels great when you are finally done with your exams and get back to your readers, bringing some real new ideas to share. However, Writing and earning both need consistency. If you are a student and looking for effective ways to make money online even when you cannot actually sit in front of your machine or spend hours with your laptop, this post is surely going to help you out. No matter how difficult your exam, next day, is, or how busy your life turns into, there is one thing that you … [Read more...]

iPad 3 vs iPad 4 – What’s The Difference?

Every tablet manufacturer want their tablet to be better, and more popular than Apple's iPad. And many have tried in the past. This time around, Microsoft decided to take on the challenge. But just when we thought it had gotten away with its twin launch of Surface along with Windows 8, Apple makes a double announcement too, the iPad Mini, and the new fourth Generation iPad, breaking its usual tradition of launching iPads in the March-April season. Here is a comparison of the previously popular … [Read more...]

iPad Mini: Is It Worth Your While?

So apparently, Apple is going high this time of the year, and plans on launching not one, but two iPads this season, which brings it up to a total of 3 iPads this year (the iPad 3 in March, and the iPad 4 announced along with the iPad Mini). Some might well call it the year of tablets, what with Microsoft going big too and releasing its Surface RT tablet (and Surface PRO possibly later this year). But we call it fun! Two giants going head to head, and releasing one enviable gadget after another. … [Read more...]

iPad 4 New Features and Specs [Review]

Well well well. If you'd thought it was Microsoft's time of the year, what with the Surface and Windows 8 simultaneously launching, then you thought wrong! Apparently, Apple refuses to be forgotten, oh no sir, which is why it came up with a special keynote in San Jose just two days before Microsoft was to release Windows 8 and its first ever tablet. The purpose: to announce its latest tablet. Behold, The iPad 4, everybody! Some would say, it's a bit early for the new iPad, because they're … [Read more...]