How Santa Claus get money to give gifts?

Santa ClausSanta Claus has been an all time mysterious and most loved creature by kids. Because what could be most wonderful, astonishing and glorious than receiving an anonymous and most desiring gift on Christmas you ever wanted? How Santa Claus have time to deliver all gifts? Does he live with his reindeers, elves and Mrs. Claus at North Pole Village? Has Santa ever gotten stuck in a chimney? And utmost important question of all centuries how does get all the money it takes to travel and get presents? There are thousands of questions like theses flying and are head over heels in tiny manikin minds of our little angles. There could be nothing on this earth that could surprise better than a letter or a gift by Santa on Christmas Eve.

Have you ever thought how much it cost on a gift per child that is $271 at Christmas that means it goes about $142,000,000,000 in fair market value for 526,000,000 kids as Santa do not sell toys –he gifts them- his assets value dips considerably Gifts are wonderful ways to say that”I care!”, “I love you” and “you are special”.  These  are unspoken words that say everything and ends up with a bear warm hug with a huge bright smile. Santa knows how important it is for you to smile and be happy.

Here are some ways Santa gets money from.

1)You help Santa

There are many kids that love Santa and care about him so when they are jotting down their list of gifts and leaving it in the boxes they are also leaving some money which they saved to make sure that Santa adds the rest and don’t miss their present in any case, but not to worry those who can’t drop the money they still get his presents.

2) Anonymous Santa friends

Santa has many friends round the world that helped in mission of spreading smiles and gifts so they gather money entire year through charities and collect them via selling items and send that money to Santa.

3)Santa shops

Whatever the money gathered by selling gifts, pots, showpieces all times favorite bells, and sweets, that whole of the money is transferred to North Pole village right before the Christmas so Santa can get the gifts.

4)He doesn’t owe any income taxes

Have you ever thought how much it cost on a gift per child? That is $271 at Christmas that means it goes about $142,000,000,000 in fair market value for 526,000,000 kids as Santa do not sell toys –he gifts them- his assets value dips considerably Gifts. As he does not sell them the government do not ask him to pay taxes so he is devoid of 7% tax prices.

5)Elves work for him without taxes and do not take money

According to employer contribution every year Santa must give 7.65% more to his elves with their salaries but elves work without salaries they just need food to eat and clothes to wear and working all day long to wrap up and make your gifts so he save that money to get the gifts.

6)Gets benefits

Santa does not have to pay taxes or money for Health care insurances and food for his elves, reindeers and Mrs. Claus. So they stay healthy always and save money for us.

7)Love for Santa

Santa give away gifts to everyone, he needs one too as by rule so people send gifts to Santa and in gift they send him money which he save to get presents for little angles.

8)It is not about money always

All gifts can’t be bought with money sometimes a single peacock feather, beautifully craft cone from conifers or a toy crafted from tree wood could diffuse the air of happiness that can’t be bought with money.

Santa knows how important is it to stay Happy, a personal question from Santa that how he gets all the money, he answered, “shhh! We don’t use that word here. I am extremely lucky, because in my world money doesn’t exist”. What important is he knows how to drive almost anything sometimes a X-Box won’t be any use to a kid living in village but a sweater woven at North Pole Village could bring him great comfort and warmth which money could never buy for him. So don’t care about money just be happy that is Santa is keeping an eye on you and wait for your gift, wish you get something you always wanted on Christmas.

Happy Christmas to all the Christian brothers,

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