Moneybookers: Send and Receive Money Online in India

MoneyBookerscin india online moneyWhen it comes to making money online, there is one thing you need to have and that is an online account to send and receive money online. However, countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan are still deprived of the PayPal facility, making it extremely difficult to avail online opportunities. Due to the unavailability of PayPal, the entrepreneurs find themselves in a confusing state, thinking hard to decide which alternative to go for. We have been sharing alternates of PayPal with our readers and now it’s time to know all about Moneybookers.

What is Moneybookers

Although there are many names appearing each day in the online banking world, Moneybookers is lucky enough to maintain its position. It’s an international payment system that allows you to pay online with more than 50 different payments cards, including all major credit cards. what happens actually is, you send or receive your payments by emails at the very moment you send or receive the mail. This money is transferred from either your bank account or from your debit/credit card.

With the recent trend been set of online shopping, you can now buy online and pay with your moneybookers account.

According to the official website there are above 200 countries that are affiliated with moneybookers and India is one of them, therefore, our Indian readers would find it really interesting to know that there are some worth adopting alternatives to PayPal. Moneybookers adopted a new name skirill lately, though the world still recognizes it with its formal name.

How to Startup?

Just like any other online service provider, you need to create an account first. You need to click on Moneybookers and this will take you to the website’s official page where you will be directed to create an account. Once the account has been created, you need to add funds and then you can send the desired amount to desired person via an email address.

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Funding your Account

As stated above, you need to add funds to your account in order to make use of the money through your credit card. This can be done by a bank transfer. Go to Upload funds, choose bank transfer as payment methods. This will provide you with your bank details and your customer ID which you will have to use as a reference for your transfer. Once you do your homework at your account, you need to approach your back to process the transaction.

Receiving Via moneybookers

You know by now that all your transactions are a mail away from you. Anytime when you have to receive an amount from a payer, he can send you the payments on your email address. Once your payer transfers the money to your account using this service, the funds will be immediately transferred in your account balance. Another feature that moneybookers provides to its users is “to request money” from someone who is not a member.

Benefits of Using Moneybookers

1) its secure as you do not have to expose your credit/debit card information to shop online.

2) Money transfer is convenient as you have to use email addresses to do so.

3) It’s the fastest method of money transfer as the money gets transferred with the email.

4) Sending money online this way is really cheap as compared to all other methods.

That’s all for now, I Hope that you must have gotten your PayPal alternative by now!


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  1. thanks for sharing this article..and i think Moneybookers is better than payza.

  2. Thanks a lot NIDA Sister for sharing this..
    i was using paypal to get my Affiliates payment in Bank account.!
    but its charges are heavy!
    now i will try Skrill!!
    Thanks anyway!
    make Money with FileiCe

  3. All the best buddies:)

  4. Hi sister,
    Being a loyal reader of SEM. I would love to listen about Paypal are the rumours true or fake that paypal is comming in Pakistan?

    • The news is the one we have been waiting for. research shows that since a long time PayPal is considering the countries that are deprived of its facilities. However, no authentic news has been crashed about its arrival

  5. Hi darling,you are damn hot.

  6. i am facing probs to withdraw money in India. any help?

  7. I’m creating an id for 1st time

  8. shabistan says:

    hey I just want to clarify can we send and receive payment within India. does skrill support domestic transfer also.

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