Is Infolinks a scam and fraud Ad network?

Is Infolinks a scam and fraud Ad network In the fast moving world of latest technology and online work, it is hard to identify who is real and who is unreal. It gets difficult to choose the services and the service providers. You need to be very clear and picky before you begin working. There are many fraud and scam networks and platforms providing services and then running away with dispatching the payments. In order to clear your concerns, we are sharing details about infolinks and whether it is scam or not.

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Infolinks is an online advertising platform that offers advertising products to all the publishers, brands and advertisers. It monetizes websites with smart ad units. It analyzes text on different websites and inserts ads in the text. It provides in-text advertising and advertising solutions such that they link back the customers to the advertised product.


Infolinks act like a middleman and makes things simple for you. It makes you earn money off your in-text advertising. There are millions of people using it to make their work more and more efficient. It does all your work. You do not have to go to companies and make deals to get their links; Infolinks will do it for you and add the link to your website. You will make money per click. Thereby, Infolinks will be benefiting you.

Is Infolinks a scam and fraud Ad network?

Infolinks is a real and trusted platform which has been benefiting people for quite some time. It provides company links on your websites and benefits you more and more. It saves you from all the hectic work and makes you earn some extra cash in a very convenient way.

Infolinks is not at all a scam ad network. It always pays its publishers on time. This is considered to be the best ad network by some. It provides a wonderful support and can fix anything for you. It is highly recommended by some of its users. It never delays payments. According to what the people say about Infolinks; it is not a fraud ad network.

Despite being so helpful, it has some cons as well. Infolinks slows down the website and pays you very little per click. This payment is really not worth losing the traffic because of your slow loading website. If your website slows down, you will lose the customers you have. So at times, it is better to avoid any third party involvement into your business. Keep your things straight and do your work your way.

However, Infolinks is not at all a scam and fraud Ad network and using Infolinks won’t be much of a pain. It really is helping people in making money!

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  1. Initially by looking at the title, I thought of looking into this article. Glad, the information was positive. Sometimes, many people including me wont make money from infolinks because of the nature of traffic and CPM. But, I have heard from my friend that publishers should contact infolinks with stats and there after the earnings are said to be increased.

  2. but low cpc

  3. I tried Infolinks before. It is nice, but very low CPC. Even sometimes they give nothing for 3 to 4 clicks. It is really for the large pageviews sites.

  4. They seem to pay out small amounts, but we hit $1100 in a month, and they then claimed they had complaints of click fraud in recent weeks, so were closing our account and not paying us. Strangely, the week before that email, an account manager said she reviewed our account and wanted to help us getting our tag running on sites we had taken them off. So, they wanted us running more clicks to them while getting complaints? Doesn’t make sense, and they have refused to show us any proof. And advertisers we have signed contracts with, have had no problems from our sites. So from the facts, they seem like a scam to us.

  5. I think i should need to try out this CPM based ad network.

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