Spicy Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

Get More Followers On InstagramInstagram has turned into a sole representative when it comes to online- sharing of pictures and videos and no doubts, it is certainly doing a great job. Providing an ease of operation and earning, Instagram users are making huge money with their photo uploads and even advertisers who intend to target a global audience is making a full use of this not-so-expensive platform.

However, we have been helping our followers to use smart tips in every business they plan to choose and here we are again with a strategy that will surely give your number of followers a decent boost.

Here are 10 easy ways to get more followers on Instagram.

1) Choose photos wisely!

instagram photos

Every business depends upon what and how you are actually offering as a product or a service. Instagram has currently over more than a 100 Million active users currently but still getting a reasonable audience for your photos and videos is not an easy task to do. It is a place where you need to understand that your potential audience requires you to provide it something it can relate with. Taking pictures and uploading them won’t help here. In fact you should bring something unique for your followers who might then share the interesting stuff with their friends too.

2) Use relevant hashtags

Just like the use of keywords do magic for your blog, hashtags too help bringing you audience which is searching for similar stuff. Try using more hashtags so that you can actually gather a variety of similar audience who is searching something similar to what you have to share.

3) Connect your Facebook account with Instagram

Instagram photo integration works great with Facebook as Instagram belongs to Facebook and offers leverage of sharing in all ways. When you are looking for followers, attracting your already build traffic at Facebook is a healthy idea.

4) Filter your pictures smartly

Instagram not only offers you to upload and share your photos but it has its edge for its filtering. You can always make your photo more attractive by personalizing it and making it more memorable and worth sharing. The better you filter it, the more will be your followers.

5) Understand the lifespan of your uploaded photos

posting time

The photo sharing here is also a time variant exercise here where you need to understand that in order to get your hands on the audience; you need to closely examine the time zone you want to target. Posting a photo at midnight would hardly do any wonders for you. In fact, try to choose a posting time at which the audience is active on Instagram. My experience suggests that such a healthy time is in between 6-10 pm. This is the time when most of the audience is active on all social media sites and would likely to follow your share.

6) Always Geotag your photos

Adding locations to your photos is a good way to attract people who are making precise searches by finding the shares that relate to their locations.

7) Offer Photo collage


People love to get more in small packages, give them what they want. Creating a photo collage by combining multiple images which represent the same event or theme is a great way of attracting followers. Take an example of the birth of Prince George. Instagram played an important role covering the event with photo collages been shared.

8) Share posts publicly

In order to make sure that your work reaches out to maximum followers possible, do not forget to post the general niche pictures as public.

9) Invite your friends

Your friends and family can be of great use and in fact a great support initially. Ask your friends and invite them to see your contributions and share their views over it.

10) Follow others to make them follow you!

share on instagram

You have to be professional when you plan to earn professionally too. Always try to follow other contributors who are sharing ‘good’ photos and getting good results too. Appreciate their work so that they do same for you. Help keeping Instagram referral system healthy for you and your shares.

The above stated 10 tips can really help you in getting a good number of followers on Instagram,

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