The World’s Most Expensive Places to Live 2012

expensive cities in 2012If you are looking for places where you can waste all your money or want to avoid cities that are most expensive, then you are at the right place. While researching about the GDPs of the following cities, it was evident from all the aspects that these cities are really expensive when it comes to buying the necessities of life.

Let us discuss them in more detail here.

1. Tokyo

Monthly rent, Luxury 2 Bedrooms: $4,848

Cup of Coffee: $8.29

One of Gallon Gasoline: $7.34

Tokyo, Japan

It has been on topped in the list of most expensive estates to live in and is being either first or second in the list for the past five years. As Japan is the economic center it is mainly preferred by emigrants. The cost of rent is relatively constant but the prices for food and fuel is touching skies. If you are thinking to have a cup of coffee with updates from daily international newspaper makes sure to hold $14.68 in wallet before going to the shop. One bedroom apartment in Tokyo is on a sale of $ 24 million.

2. Luanda, Angola

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $6,500

Cup of Coffee: $3.90

One Gallon of Gasoline: $2.38

Luanda, Angola

As it is the second largest producer of oil, the country offers lowest possible price for one gallon on fuel to its people. Luanda has third largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa and 80% of revenue is brought by crude oil export. The estate destroyed by a decade long civil war has initially insane costly renting price for foreigners but now it seconds Tokyo. Its main emigrants are from U.S, China, Portugal and Brazil. But if you decided to land in Luanda here how you expect to live, 2 bedroom house $7,000 per month, a music CD cost you $28, if you hungry forget about eating because a Ham Burger cost you $20.38 and somehow if you managed to eat, eat less because a membership to join a sports/health club is $405.

3. Osaka, Japan

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $3,062

Cup of Coffee: $7.02

One Gallon of Gasoline: $6.85

Osaka, Japan, night view

Japan seems to be an expensive place to live in as its second country, Osaka; the second largest is another expensive place to live in, as it is the industrial hub, it is densely populated by expats and nearly 43, 000 manufacturers thereby it has high rental cost. If you find yourself lost then forget about finding Osaka station until and unless you speak in broken simple English. Besides if thinking to have a breakfast from a little café at least hold 500-1000 yen and best way to travel for entire day is using subway day pass for $850 yen.

4. Moscow, Russia

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $4,200

Cup of Coffee: $8.37

One Gallon of Gasoline: $3.67

Moscow, Russia

Since 2010 it has been on number 4th being one of expensive cities to live in Europe and a home to the most billionaires globally, it attracts more investments and account for major contribution to its economy despite of its pollution, corruption and growing traffic mass. To a foreigner a three course meal would cost 1500-3000 rub and basic utilities for a house would cost around $4,500 rub. Do not forget to carry your clothes or else a pair of Levis would cost you 3,500 rub.

5. Geneva, Switzerland

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $4,818

Cup of Coffee: $6.57

One Gallon of Gasoline: $7.46


It is the only Western European country that is expensive to live in and is being ranked 5th for the last five years. It is the home for 20 international organizations such as WHO, UN and Red Cross drawing expats from wound the globe and offers the best educational system thereby having world’s most expensive private schools. It is impossible to have a good vacation in Switzerland without spending money but you can have good Swiss watches that are cheaper than anywhere else in the world.

After the Swiss France recognition the cost of living has raised for expats.

6. Zurich, Switzerland (Tied)

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $3,614

Cup of Coffee: $6.02

One of Gallon Gasoline: $7.38

Zurich, Switzerland (Tied)

If you are planning to have your vacations in Zurich make sure you are going to stay with your friends or family because Zurich has outpace the Tokyo as the world’s most expensive place to live in, though according to seasons, high quality life and beauty it’s the best place to live in and attracts emigrants. The city holds the largest universities and 42,000 students there by you can easily find it budget friendly dining and drinking and with few tips you can definitely visit Zurich on a budget.

7. Singapore (Tied)

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $3,588
Cup of Coffee: $5.18
One Gallon of Gasoline: $6.55

Singapore (Tied)

Like other expensive areas in the world due to industrial hub and growing expats it is known for its high property prices and rents and if you thinking to travel in the country go for subways rather than thinking to own a car because it is an extremely expensive city to own a car. It is not expensive to maintain it but the permit to buy a new car ranges $46,000- $67,000. It provides the highest salaries to emigrants to maintain standard of living and according to them much of it is spend on accommodation.

8. Ndjamena, Chad

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: N/A

Cup of Coffee: $3.32

One Gallon of Gasoline: $6.55

It has fall from its rank of being 3rd to 8th most expensive place to live in due to safety issues. It is getting difficult to find a safe and accommodation for many people as it is a hub for oil industry thereby few available places are extremely expensive for expats. Besides China, foreign investments by other states making accommodation costly. It is good to eat in home in N’Djamena because a simple burger or fast food may cost you $25.18.

9. Hong Kong

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $7,092

Cup of Coffee: $6.83

One Gallon of Gasoline: $8.36


Its reputation of being one of the major universal financial center, draws expats and

Entrepreneurs from round the globe. The cost of fuel and food has gone high but the surge of cost is seen when it comes to rent a property. From 2011 the cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment has gone from $1,300 to $5,800.

10. Nagoya, Japan

Monthly Rent, Luxury 2 Bedroom: $2,551

Cup of Coffee: $6.38

One Gallon of Gasoline: $6.70

It is a primary center of construction material manufacturing and automobiles like Toyota, General Motors and Honda. It is famous for its pickles and for its flat white kishmen noodles that will not cost you more than $10. Due to drag expats from the globe demand of houses has gone high so the cost of Rents.

If you are planning to spend your vacations abroad make sure you have enough money to accommodate and eat or else you have to face the weather by living on roadsJ .

Hope that the post really helps you in choosing a right decision.


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