Top 10 Richest and Famous Politicians of the World in 2013!

  Since we have talked about richest celebrities, richest athletes, richest musicians, richest bloggers so now let’s check out who managed to get a strong holding in the list of richest and famous politicians of the world in 2013. Here you go!   … [Read more...]

Top 10 Richest Democrats of the world in 2013

There are few fields that bring money with them in anyway and politics is surely one of the few ones. Becoming a politician always doesn’t mean that you talk of becoming a prime minister or a president, in fact once done with your studies in political science and bureaucracy, you can always get your hands on a respectable position, making decisions for you state and playing your part in its welfare. We did share a rich list of politicians but here is something more motivating  and interesting. … [Read more...]

5 Richest Swimmers in the World in 2013

Money making is all about identifying your talent and giving it a proper shape before approaching to a platform to cash it. If you aim high and love to earn through everything you can do, try looking for things that you are already good at. How about cashing your daily life activities by providing them a real platform? In case you love to swim and have been swimming since a good time, you can even make money by becoming a swimmer, taking part in sports that are been held on international … [Read more...]

10 Richest Celebrities Who Fly on their Private Jets

Life changes when you become rich, and when you turn into a billionaire, it is almost a new world for you.  We have been discussing much about the richest celebrities in the world, focusing on their lifestyle and have been sharing their success stories. It is interesting to see that almost all the richest people in the world are having their private jets to fly, making the right use of money by investing on something as expensive as a private jet. Here are those ten richest celebrities who … [Read more...]

15 Poorest Countries In The World in 2013

The basic principle to lead a happy and contented life is to learn from the examples been set and to keep a track of the people and places who are leading a miserable life. No matter how busy you are in making some money for yourself, it is really important that you also know how the other side of the story is. Once you know that you are not the only one suffering, you will see how motivated will you be. We have been discussing about the richest countries, richest people  and what not, but here … [Read more...]

Best List of Celebrity blogs from India

Once you pick acting as your career, you need to make sure that you are socially available to your fans who want to know all about you. Thanks to social media, the news and updates about every celebrity is widely available on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, it has been seen that there are celebrities who love sharing their lives with their fans by updating them through their self-run blogs and websites. What people often misjudge about blogging is that they find handling of blogs as … [Read more...]