Top Ten Richest Women in Iran in 2017

Iranian women are no longer behind when it comes to being a businesswoman or an entrepreneur. Most of these women are founder and co-founders of multinational companies and are achieving their goals to the fullest in today’s life. The top ten richest women in Iran in are as mentioned below. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why India Loves Afghan People

The people of Afghanistan are no doubt very loyal and honest with their friends and associates, which is why all afghan people love India and its citizens as well. Indians, has always been so supportive of Afghanistan and has also shared many historical moments with them, which is why their bond is inseparable. Ten reasons why India loves afghan people are as mentioned below! … [Read more...]

Top Ten Entrepreneurs Of Philippines In 2017

There are some of the most famous, well-off and most successful male entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Most of these entrepreneurs have Chinese gore or are commonly Chinese-Filipino while others are Chinese who developed and converted into pure Filipino citizens. The top ten entrepreneurs of Philippines are as shared below. Have a look! … [Read more...]

Highest Paid Indian News Anchors In 2016

A news anchor plays a very significant role in our lives. We understand the entire bulletin through him and take his words as the utmost reality. Running a news network is the most viable job as there is same matter with everyone. Fortunately, India has some great news anchors that are sensible, smart and knows how to keep their viewers engaged. The top ten highest paid Indian news anchors of 2016 are as followed. … [Read more...]

America’s Largest Private Companies 2016

We have been sharing the latest lists of best and top rated companies with our readers every year and here comes a list of 2016 as per the reveals made by forbes. In 2016, about 223 companies have made their way onto Forbes through their hard work and struggle. The companies generate revenue of about 1.62 billion dollars as a whole. The companies have hired about 4.5 million people from all around the world working in different economies. Forbes’s American largest private companies of 2016 have … [Read more...]

TOP 10 Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2016

The top hip hop cash kings work day and night to earn the figure they have earned. If you are a music lover and have got interests in the hip hip genre, you really need to check this post out that can be more of an inspiration for you. After an immense amount of research, we’ve gathered the top 10 hip hop cash kings of the industry. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Highest Paid Morning Show Hosts

Pakistan is full of talented people that brighten your day everyday through their morning shows. The shows are extremely useful for everyone as they share tips, stories and make you smile in the best way possible. The Pakistani morning show hosts are extremely talented. Listed below are 10 of the best Morning show hosts of Pakistan! … [Read more...]

10 Free Platforms to Learn IOS App Development

It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in app development process, as long as you follow the apps and tutorials of the most appropriate websites, nothing can stop you from learning the app development. The professionals and experts are all on the website providing you all the information you need to ace your app development. There are certain websites that provide you with the best platform to learn io app development. The platforms are completely free and they provide you with all the … [Read more...]