Top 10 Richest Men in Turkey In 2017

We did share a post stating about the top 10 richest and influential women of Turkey and here we are again with another similar post. Turkish men are not behind in the rivalry when it comes to business and real estate. The list of the top ten richest men in turkey is as followed. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Popular Women in Turkey In 2017

Turkey is one of the leading destinations when it comes to getting your hands in tourism in the middle east and sub continent. There are many billionaire and millionaire women in turkey right now. Most of these women are either actresses or entrepreneurs while some of them are married to Turkish billionaires and now run their own business inherited to them. The top ten most popular women in Turkey in 2017 are as followed. … [Read more...]

10 Best Universities of Afghanistan in 2017

The first thought, when it comes to Afghanistan, is the view of an underdeveloped country with a high rate of terrorism and a bulk of extremists. However, if you really get into the facts of the myths known, you will find an absolutely amazing side of Afghanistan. The people are good humored and welcoming, the malls are highly impressive and so are the universities and education in the country. There are many private and public universities located in Afghanistan, all of which are playing their … [Read more...]

What is the Net Worth Of Cyma Zarghami?

Cyma Zarghami is a very famous Iranian Native American cable TV manager who is presently serving as the leader of Viacom Media Networks, Nickelodeon Kids & Family Group since year 2006. Cyma is the Head of Viacom Inc.’s which is a set of content trademarks that takes in all of the direct, digital, mobile and customer yield divisions of CMT, Nickelodeon and TV Land. … [Read more...]

Top Ten Richest Women in Iran in 2017

Iranian women are no longer behind when it comes to being a businesswoman or an entrepreneur. Most of these women are founder and co-founders of multinational companies and are achieving their goals to the fullest in today’s life. The top ten richest women in Iran in are as mentioned below. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why India Loves Afghan People

The people of Afghanistan are no doubt very loyal and honest with their friends and associates, which is why all afghan people love India and its citizens as well. Indians, has always been so supportive of Afghanistan and has also shared many historical moments with them, which is why their bond is inseparable. Ten reasons why India loves afghan people are as mentioned below! … [Read more...]

Top Ten Entrepreneurs Of Philippines In 2017

There are some of the most famous, well-off and most successful male entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Most of these entrepreneurs have Chinese gore or are commonly Chinese-Filipino while others are Chinese who developed and converted into pure Filipino citizens. The top ten entrepreneurs of Philippines are as shared below. Have a look! … [Read more...]

Top Ten Singaporean Entrepreneurs In 2016

There is a diverse list of Singaporean magnates and entrepreneurs who confronted up pessimists, disordered their businesses, made brave profession switches, set off inclinations in a countless ways to break through the fences to do what people think is unlikely to happen. Top ten Singaporean entrepreneurs in 2016 are as followed. … [Read more...]