20 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Netanyahu

1.png Israel has always been a country that is different compared to every country for its different political views. We have been sharing much about the country these days and here we are again with something really interesting that you would really like to know about Netanyahu.

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20 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Netanyahu

1. He was a part of the special operation forces during 1972 that helped in the rescuing of a hijacked plane at the Tel Aviv airport.

2. Although his full name is Benjamin Netanyahu but he is also known by the name Binyamin Netanyahu as well.


3. He also has a nickname that his close friends call him from, and the name is Bibi.


4. His net worth is 46 million dollars.


5. His father was a very renowned Jewish historian professor so he had to spend most of his teenage life living in Philadelphia areas.


6. He went to United States after completing his education and getting master degrees in Architecture and Bunnies Administration form an Institute Of Technology located in Massachusetts.


7. He has served in the Israeli embassy located in Washington, DC and has also been the embassy ambassador of Israel in 1894 in united states as well.


8. His elder brother Yoni was killed while he was attempting to rescue the hostages of a hijacked airline in Uganda which was in the same year he got appointed with the Boston Consulting Group.


9. He was so affected by his brother’s death that Netanyahu systematized two international symposiums on conducts to combat violence, one in 1979 and another in 1984.


10. During 1967 to 1972 he served in the Israeli Defense Forces in an elite commando unit, Sayeret Matkal.


11. In 1998 Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat who is a Palestinian leader signed the Wye Memorandum, an intervening agreement bartering land and power to shelter Israel from political viciousness.


12. He has served as a deputy of foreign affairs and was also elected as a member of Knesset in 1988.


13. He earned a seat in parliament with the right-wing Likud party in 1988 as well.


14. In 1996, he was elected prime minister of Israel.


15. He was the youngest person in Israel to hold the position of a prime minister.


16. Netanyahu, married three times, has three children, an adult daughter with a former wife.


17. His wife Sara is a child psychologist and he has two children who are named Yair and Avner.


18. Some of his famous books are Self Portrait of a Hero and The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu.


19. He is the most fluent English speaker politician of Israel.


20. He has his own fast-food chain Fat Netanyahu Burger in Jerusalem.

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  1. OMG look at his net worth (46 million dollars). Thanks Nida for sharing these interesting facts.

  2. Check point no.7
    7. He has served in the Israeli embassy located in Washington, DC and has also been the embassy ambassador of Israel in 1894 in united states as well.

    1984 instead of 1894….

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