10 Richest Cartoon Characters Enjoying Cash

rich cartoonssIt is always exciting to turn back the pages of life and have a look on old memories of childhood. Even now that you are planning to make money online, ask yourself, when was it the first time that you dreamt of getting rich? It would obviously be related to the rich cartoon characters you used to follow in early years of your life. Now that I am all grown, it is still a pleasure to see these characters (while my brother watches these shows) and identify with the fantasies we grew up with.

Here we present some of your most favorite richest cartoon Characters that you would have followed in your childhood, or might still be their fans. Have a look.

1)Scrooge McDuck

The maternal uncle of Donald Duck is no less popular than his nephew in anyway. Its just, he is to rich to be known commonly! He is the only richest Duck in the Duck world who swims in his vault which is all full of Gold Coins. Wow!


2)Richie Rich

Often used as a symbol for being rich, Richie Rich inherits all the wealth from his parents. His life is really a true fantasy of every child washing the show. His Dog Dollar was the first thing that I noticed as a Dollar Sign!


3)Cruella De vil

Evil or Heroic, Rich is rich! Cruella is hated since her character is created because of her evil plans against the Dalmatians and their family. However a noticeable thing about her Is her black and white existence and her wealth!


4) Bruce Wayne

The Man-The Batman! Bruce inherited all the wealth from Wayne Enterprises after his parents were killed. He is always determined to spend his money for serving humanity and fighting against evil.

bruce wayne rich

5) Gomez Adam

This one is a peculiar one! The Adam’s Family has everything strange out there and so is the super rich Gomez Adam. He owns many businesses like salt mines, Crocodile farm, factories, etc. His wife and family are fond of showing off their wealth with the unusual things they often do.

gomez adam

6) Montgomery Burns

Montgomery is an owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and uses his wealth to satisfy his every dream and wish.


7) Montana Max

Who doesn’t know him? Montana Max is the richest kid Acme Looniversity and is often seen in Tiny Toons. Being a little monster, he loves everything about money!

montana max

8) Professor X

He founded Xavier Institute and is the leader of X-Men. He enjoys huge importance as it is he only, who knows the location of the Mind Infinity Gem.

professor x

9) Rich Texan

Being rich often asks you to be greedy too at the same time, Rich Texan from “The Simpsons” is a good example. However, he has heart to spend money too.


10) Mayor

How can we forget the Mayor of the City of TownsVille in The power Puff Girls! He is Cute and Honest, Rich and Helpful, He is a dedicated leader who also enjoys the wealth and facilities of his designation.


Seems like we are back to childhood, isn’t it? No matter how rich we become someday, it would always be a pleasure memorizing our first inspirations in the world of Money. Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. This is nice list, I think Jerry should also be included in this list 🙂

  2. Was jerry really rich??? 🙂

  3. I know only a few of ’em :p Scrooge McDuck, Bruce wayne, watched ’em when i was kid and Richie Rich , My little sis watches it on cartoon network.. :p
    Anyways A very nice list (Y)

  4. nice work as always. keep it up

  5. Thanks Brother Haidar, Good to see that you are showing a great consistency in following SEM,
    its more than a pleasure to know that readers actually like what we write for them

  6. monis abbas says:

    Scrooge McDuck 😛 aaala !!!it waz my fvrt character when i was a child :P..btw another epic nd awesome article :)KEEP IT UP!!!

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