10 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Bangkok

Unclean environment

Bangkok, the city that never sleeps. Yes! The capital of Thailand is famous for its night life and many other charms and attractions. But the never sleeping can also be taken as a negative factor for some people who usually want a break while partying. Same is the case with other general activities regarding Bangkok’s lifestyle and travel guide to Bangkok. Things that completely dissuade the one to visit Bangkok are listed below!

1. Wild night life

Wild night life

For all those party animals, it is something that turns out to be an eye catcher. Night life of Bangkok is renowned for its wild and overwhelming shades with no acquaintance of rules or limitations. So if you don’t want to get indulged with the darker side of the wild nights of Bangkok, you better avoid visiting the place.

2. Dirty roads

Dirty roads

Undoubtedly, Bangkok has been one of the most favorite tourists’ attraction. But when it comes to the maintenance of roads and routes, you would definitely blame yourself to choose travelling through them. Tourists mostly complain about jolty and jerky roads in Bangkok.

3. Unclean environment

Unclean environment

Talking of Thailand, one hardly used to come up with the cleanliness issues. but this trend is being diminished in the recent past years. You can easily find huge flocks of garbage and a muddy weather at ease. Environmental issue has become so huge that it has badly affected the tourism industry of Bangkok.

4. No good places to visit

No good places to visit

Gone are the days, when Bangkok was supposed to have some phenomenal tourists’ attraction. Visitors used to get excited to discover the new places and roam around. If you think the situation is as similar as mentioned, you are living in a fool’s paradise.

5. Thai girls

Thai girls

Beware! If you are traveling to Bangkok, you can easily be caught up by Thai girls. It can start off with just a bar meeting and end up with marriage. But these marriages mostly don’t long last since demanding and rude nature of Thai girls. You can easily trapped by their bewitching beauties but at the same time be trapped terribly to be broken in future.

6. Racism


One very serious issue regarding Bangkok is its racism. One wont take a minute or two to judge you by your face, color or language. You can be treated very warmly at a moment and very bashfully at the other moment on the basis of the race you belong to.

7. Traffic


Travelling from one place to the other in Bangkok is not a bed of roses. The traffic on Bangkok roads is insane. Either you choose rush hours to travel or routine hours, you are intended to face trouble. Bus drivers are mostly very harsh and drive their worst out at times.

8. Unofficial bus stops

Unofficial bus stops

You can never spot an official or unofficial bus stop in Bangkok. Some of the unofficial bus stops are formed by public themselves and these are so abrupt that a pedestrian’s life remains at stake. It is therefore considered as a negative point while choosing Bangkok to visit or not.

9. Bad weather


Another important factor that depresses the intension of visitors to travel Bangkok is its rough and harsh weather. There are different and uncertain weathers that largely has an impact on Bangkok tourism industry.

10. Backpackers


Backpackers in the down town have become so common and are present in such a large number that it is now difficult to deal with them easily. You just get highly irritated and get your mood turned off at times.


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