10 Reasons Why Brazil Should Not Host FIFA In 2022

Health-Alarms.jpgBrazil has always been ranked as one of the most important states for its prominency in tourism and manufacturing and now it has again gained a new medal for hosting FIFA 2014. If you are a true Football follower and keeps yourself updated about the happenings and gossips of the FIFA world Cup, you might be giving second thoughts to the selection of the venue for FIFA 2014, this time. While the location for FIFA 2018 has already been chosen, it can be interesting to question whether Brazil should be given another chance to host the second next FIFA world cup in 2022 or not.

Here are 10 reasons why Brazil should not host FIFA in 2022. Have a look!

10. Health Alarms:

Health Alarmss reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

During the last few years the deaths of citizens by swine flu have increased greatly in this region and so the number of total deaths is 11 in this region this year which may significantly increase by 2002.

09. New Stadium Concerns:

New Stadium Concernss reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

Brazil is currently facing great troubles to build the new stadiums for the world cup games because of the delay in the construction and the death of the workers and this is why people are now questioning the decision of FIFA to choose Brazil as a venue in 2014 let alone in 2022.

08. Street Remonstrations:

Street Remonstrationss reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

Brazilians are still under protest on the government’s decision to host FIFA world cup for this year and because of the march and protest of thousands of people it is very difficult situation for Brazil to host another world cup.

07. Safety Issues:

Safety Issuess reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

There is not enough equipment and facilities that can ensure the safety and protection of all the tourists that may be coming to watch the game thus enhancing of the situational awareness is very necessary in this case.

06. No Participation Of Any Scandinavian Country:

No Participation Of Any Scandinavian Countrys reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

There is no Scandinavian country that would be participating in the FIFA world cup tournament as it happened in the world cup of 1982 as well.

05. Development And Investment:

Development And Investments reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

Large investments have been made for the stadiums but the government of brazil must have improved healthcare and infrastructure for the games.

04. Poverty:

Povertys reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

One of the major reasons why brazil shouldn’t host FIFA 2022 is because their country is currently facing extreme situation of poverty so there is a chance that the casualties may be increased by 2022 even more.

03. No Local Support:

No Local Supports reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

Though FIFA will give Brazil the tourism and international attention that it needs but the citizen wants government to focus on some more real issues their country is facing.

02. Power Grid:

FIFA World Cup Brazils reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

There is severe strain on the electric supply of the country which may not improve by 2022 as well.

01. Money And Funds:

Money And Funds reason why Brazil shouldn't host FIFA 2022

The money that will be wasted in hosting the world cup will be enough to feed everyone in the country thus this way people’s lives will be thrown away.

So what are your stands on letting Brazil host FIFA 2022?

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  1. Nice share Nida,
    The money spent on FIFA World Cup by Brazilian government should have to be used for betterment of the citizen.

  2. That is the point Kuldeep Brother. I will soon be sharing an interesting post about the amount shared on FIFA 2014. Stay Connected.

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