10 Prominent Countries That Can Win FIFA 2014

Portugal.jpgAs we head towards the finals of FIFA 2014, it is so interesting to predict the future of the FIFA 2014 as there is a wide chance for a lot of teams to win this FIFA fever. Having been talked about a lot on Football these days, the most debatable topic is to choose which country should take the trophy home this season and as per the statistics, here are the 10 of the most deserving ones. Have a look!

10. Netherlands

Netherlands Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

They are looking for another final appearance in this year’s FIFA world cup tournament. They have had an amazing start this year and have won remarkable matches against Spain and Chile.

09. Uruguay

Uruguay Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

For some they are the dark horses and although Luis Suarez is facing a knee injury the hopes for the championship is still alive because of Edinson Cavani in the team. If they have their strategies together they can escape an incredibly tough group stage and be in the finals.

08. Chile

Chile Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

With the presence of new stars that are currently playing for Europe and their own country, making Chile one of the best football teams in FIFA 2014. Their game plan is similar to Brazil and so they are decent at short as well as fast ball both.

07. Belgium

 Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

With such natural talent and fighting spirit, this team can win it all this year because Belgium is a complete team and have got great quality substitute players and their midfield is actually very strong because of their tactical and intelligent players.

06. Portugal

Portugal Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

They are much refined this year than Spain, whose sole reason is the presence of great players, great knowledge and great experience, making Portugal a sure candidate for the trophy of FIFA world cup 2014.

05. Italy

Italy Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

Everyone underestimates Italy. every time, but the players always manage to surprise them with their triumph since they have great defensive capabilities and also because they have an amazing past records in all the FIFA matches until now.

04. England

England Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

National team of England comprises of some quality players like Ashley Cole, Michael Carrick, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard which are taking FIFA world cup 2014 by storm.

03. Argentina

Argentina Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

Some of the players like Sergio Aguero, Angel di Maria and Ezequiel Lavezzi will have to put all their efforts for scoring goals like Messi if they wish to win FIFA world cup 2014.

02. Brazil

Brazil Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

There are many old players in the squad like Julio Cesar, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Ronaldinho and other young fantastically talented players like Lucas Moura. Leandro, Damiao, Ramires, Oscar and Neymar that can make Brazil win FIFA world cup 2014 easily.

01. Germany

Germany Prominent Country That Can Win FIFA 2014

Because of the manifestation of many experienced internationals this year there are many probabilities of Germany to win FIFA world cup 2014 because they have strong defense and lethal striking forces.

Which team do you wish to win this FIFA?

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