10 Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

 Allpay.net_.pngBeing affiliated with the online market and looking forward to cash your skills all the way from your living room is interestingly getting very popular these days but the idea somehow or the other depends on the availability of transactional accounts in your country. PayPal has been leading the race for its prominent services facilitating bloggers all over the world yet there are some of suffering nations that are still not able to make money online as PayPal is banned within their borders.  Here are 10 perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, etc. Have a look!

10. Merchantinc.com

Merchantinc.com Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

The cons include eBay compatible credit card processing and facilities for the international as well as United States sellers. They are in the business for over ten years now and are reliable and are a secure payment processing solution and aid you receiving online payments without asking for a setup fees.

09. PayZa

PayZa Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

They now come with new service deliveries along with their new and optimized tools features with a platform that is user friendly. Transferring money from one to another account as well as withdrawing money from bank account is much easier with this PayPal alternative.

08. LibertyReserve

LibertyReserve Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

It has now become one of the most popular payment processor in the entire world and can be utilized to make and receive the payments online while the withdrawal of the money is also very easy in nay local bank by an exchange.

07. Clickbank

Clickbank Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

They are much illustrious when it comes to talking about digital sales marketing and are also very suitable for the purposes of selling eBooks, software, membership site subscriptions and any other downloadable product that might be in your use, making it a prefect alternative for PayPal for the growth and expansion of any possible business.

06. Google Checkout

Google Checkout Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

Google’s own Checkout provision bids you a simple technique to receive payments online for practically any kind of merchandise including digital goods, physical products or online services. In many ways Google Checkout is one of the best PayPal substitutes because of its similar features as PayPal.

05. NoChex

NoChex Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

It is a UK based PayPal alternative payment processing network because they offer you an instant access to your funds without making you waiting for days for your turn to come up, which is one of the key features when buying an internet business.

04. CertaPay

CertaPay Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

It can help you accept auction payments and make almost all the online purchases and giving you all the web payment regarding solutions required.

03. WePay

WePay Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

WePay allow you to accept payments openly on your website rather than customers needing to visit your payment mainframe to actually enter their particulars.

02. Escrow.com

Escrow Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

It is recommended for all large and small transactions and the fact that it runs a fast and effective method of online payment; it can be used as an alternative of PayPal.

01. Allpay.net

Allpay.net Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries

This payment package is permitted for use on all eBay sites around the world including the United States and Europe and can consent cash or debit card outflows online, gives merchant’s customers more online payment possibilities. It is highly recommended for the UK based residents and companies.

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  1. Liberty reserve is banned now 🙁

  2. very good and informative post , i like it very much, this will help people very much.

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  3. You forget to mention Moneybookers.

  4. Very nice post. You provide information which is very useful for many people because Paypal is available in all countries. As Zeeshan said you should add Moneybookers/Skrill to the list. It’s definitely one of the best payment processors.

  5. I can add a couple alternatives that i had experience with: Skrill, which was already mentioned above. Very nice service – easy to use and you can both accept payments and transfer money. Also Paysera – as well easy to set up and use, plus a bit lower costs on international transactions and quick processing. Both available in some countries banned by Paypal. I would recommend adding these!

  6. You forget to add Payonner into this list. BTW thanks for sharing this list of best alternatives for Paypal.

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