10 Best Companies to Work For In America

 Google.jpgUnited States of America is more like a dream for many, no doubts about it but when it comes to choosing the place to work in America, you need to think smart before saying yes to the opportunities that you might have. After a thorough research, we have come accross 10 best companies to work for, in America in 2014 and here is its quick list.

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10. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company Best Companies to Work For In America

This company is currently working round the globe with the most leading secluded, communal and public sectors and most of the their score and scale is pointed towards the issues no one else can describe.

09. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group Best Companies to Work For In America

This company has a glass door rating of 4.1 and is now among the world’s largest management consulting companies and currently has various active branches working in 45 countries across the globe.

08. Google

Google Best Companies to Work For In America

The annual generated revenue of Google is 59.8 billion dollars and has a glass door rating of 4.2. Major task to be achieved by Google is to organize the information of this entire world and make it much more accessible for the people universally.

07. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Best Companies to Work For In America

Their main concern is the quality services and its continuous commitment to the customers. The fact that their services are conveyed to us with great cordiality, outgoingness and distinct vanity, this company has the glass door rating of 4.2.

06. Riverbed Technology

Riverbed Technology Best Companies to Work For In America

They make a variety of originations to become able to embrace the locality self-regulating computing in order to get the improved and control global possessions, fundamentally condense the cost of running their corporate, and make the most of operative productivity.

05. Insight Global

Insight Global Best Companies to Work For In America

With a network of more than 36 regional offices, Insight Global is the most leading company to provide the exceptional IT operators for the clients along with the IT consultants so they can cope up with the demanding technology of today’s life.

04. Bain & Company

Bain & Company Best Companies to Work For In America

The name Bain & Company shines bright in the field of management consulting and the fact that they work in collaboration with the top notch executives, they make better decisions and deliver the kind of success, companies’ desire.

03. Eastman Chemical

Eastman Chemical Best Companies to Work For In America

Globally famed chemical company, Eastman Chemical is known for the production of the items that belongs to a wide array of stuff that people use almost every day.

02. LinkedIn


It is one of the most well-known ways that keeps all the professional of the world connected and enhance their productivity by making the world’s largest professional networking system.

01. Facebook


In order to make the world and its people more connected, Facebook has made it its mission to give people the power to share and discover the happenings in the world while being connected to their friends and family all the time.

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