10 Reasons Why Dubai Is No More A Money Making State

blank 1x1 10 Reasons Why Dubai Is No More A Money Making StateGone are the days when job seekers from all around the globe used to dream about a job in Dubai. Undoubtedly, there was a time when Dubai was considered as a hub for economic growth and finance of UAE. It provided as many job opportunities as none other state did with a facilitative and friendly working environment. Investors from all around the world wanted to invest in Dubai because of accelerated development and high quality of life in such a short span of time. It was known as a gem for industries, businesses and real estate markets of the world. So developed and progressive a state it was that people used to daydream about making their fortunes nowhere else but in Dubai.

The basis of this strong and well developed emirate that was assumed to be unshaken for a long term, drastically declined and devastated. This must not be taken as a complete disappointment but yes Dubai is no more a money making city as prescribed lately. There are ten reasons we have listed out that combined for this cause. [Continue reading…]

Top 10 Best Online Platforms To Buy Furniture

blank 1x1 Top 10 Best Online Platforms To Buy FurnitureFurniture is surely one of the most significant part of ones home and with the new trends been launched, there are now a variety of one-shop  doors where you can find some amazing stuff all the way from your living room, that is, ONLINE! [Continue reading…]

10 Ways To Make Money In America On Christmas 2014

blank 1x1 10 Ways To Make Money In America On Christmas 2014

Every year after Halloween celebrations, there comes the great event of Christmas which is not just as fanciful as an event but brings with it many other joys with diversities. It brings a good many chances for opportunists to earn extra and easy side money. There are a lot more reasons for people to be happy and to enjoy and celebrate at their utmost energies. [Continue reading…]

Ten Things You Should Not Do On Christmas

blank 1x1 Ten Things You Should Not Do On ChristmasChristmas is near and you all might be wondering how you’re going to spend Christmas, and surely you all have an idea what to do on Christmas, but there are some things that can ruin this special day. So here are 10 things you should NOT do on Christmas.

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How To Earn $500 From Fiverr


Have you just started off with the game of online jobs and marketing? We bring to you one of the most renowned online market. Yes! It’s none other than Fiverr, providing best opportunities to earn side money and experience. Who doesn’t want an extra amount of money along with that from regular job? Of course […]

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10 Richest Muslim Businessmen In 2015


Muslims are often taken as the historic champions Where they are either signified with the Mughal emperors or with the religious identities but as a matter of fact there are some of the terrific Muslims who have applied the extremly correct formulas in business. Have a look at the top 10 richest muslim businessmen in […]

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Ten Things You Should Do On Christmas

things to do on christmas

  Christmas is the most awaited holiday of the year but once it arrives, you start wondering how you’re going to spend the entire Christmas . Once the presents are opened and the goodies are consumed, the excitement of Christmas might die down. Well, not if we have something to say about it. Here are […]

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10 Gifts To Present On Christmas In 2014


  “One can never have enough socks”, said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” This line gives a tickling touch to the occasion of Christmas in regard with presenting gifts and sharing happiness with each other. Christmas delight is all […]

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Nine Mistakes Doctors Should Avoid During Their Practice


Life in medicine is as tough one can never imagine. You create a thin line between life and death by the will of God and then by your skills. One mistake can transport one should from body to other part leaving the patient dead with grieving family around it. There are many mistakes which have […]

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Ten Best Locations To Celebrate Christmas In 2014


Christmas: the one holiday everyone waits for. It is the best time to get together with loved ones and end the year in a spectacular fashion too.It’s the time to make memories that we cherish all our life. Although Christmas is a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, it has evolved into a […]

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10 Websites to Learn Cooking Online in 2014


Do you want to have an expertise in cooking as a profession? Do you want to make people around you happy from making food of their choices? Do you keep in search of some new and delicious recipes to take a trial of your cooking and just have fun? If the answer is in affirmation […]

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Top Ten Famous Sportsmen Who Died At Young Age


Death is one of the hardest realities of the life of human being which is to be believed by every other person belonging to any profession or any field of life. That is something which can not be avoided anyhow. There are mysterious and shocking deaths of athletes natural or accidental that took place in […]

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