Top Ten Singers in Afghanistan in 2016

Afghanistan singers 2016We have been sharing much about the popular celebrities and businessmen of Afghanistan with our readers lately and here comes another value added post to the same domain. The singing industry in Afghanistan is booming since the last few years and despite the fact that the country has gone through a lot, it is still progressing day by day. Many of these singers are still working in the industry while some of them have left it but will always remain a legend for the state. The top ten singers of Afghanistan are as followed. Read More »

Top Ten Celebrities of Afghanistan in 2016

Celebrities of AfghanistanAfghanistan has given many celebrities and rich people to the world. In the following list, all those people have been included who belong to the traditional groups of the contemporary state of Afghanistan. It also contains modern figures impending from the present day boundaries of Afghanistan, even if they are not Pashtuns. The top ten celebrities of Afghanistan are as followed!

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How Much Money Cricketers Take To Do Advertisements

How Much for an AdvertismentWorld sports industry has been grooming since long ago and cricket has become one of the major sport in popularity. The new trends and formats have been evolved but the hype created by cricket and cricketers is no less than any other sport in the world. Cricketers from all over the world bring the best out of this game and build their fortunes through highly growing and commercializing cricket industry. It refers to the trend of celebrities becoming brand ambassadors for different companies aiding them a promotion tool. On the other hand, the company signs contract with them and pay huge bucks for their brand endorsements. We can see that many athletes earn a lot more than their salaries through these advertisements and endorsements.

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Quick Ways To Make Money On Eid ul Fitr

Make Money this eid ul Fitr

Muslims all around the world call Ramadan a month of blessings. It is quite a strong belief of every Muslim that the whole month of Ramadan they fast for Allah and in return they get Eid ul Fitr as a gift from Allah at the end of the month. It … Read More »

Top 10 Sportsmen who Make Most Money In Advertisement

sportsmen making money from advertisments

The new world marketing strategy demands a company to spend a lot of money on sponsoring celebrities and the big names of the world. Celebrities can be athletes from all over the world or actors, singers and artists. The brand endorsement trends have … Read More »

Top 10 Most Popular Businessmen In Afghanistan

Bussinesmen in Afghanistan

  Afghanistan is one of those unfortunate countries that suffered a lot due to the ongoing war against terrorism in the world. After those 9/11 attacks, it became a crucial place to live in and to set one’s roots. But if we look at the courage … Read More »

A Closer Look At Muhammad Ali’s Net Worth

Net worth of Muhammad Ali

June 3, 2016 came as one of the most saddening day when the entire world faced the death of the boxing icon Muhammad Ali. He was not only popular for being the most amazing and charismatic boxer but also made him the world’s unprecedented athlete. … Read More »

What Makes Muhammad Ali a Superstar?

Muhammad Ali superstar

Out of so many sportsmen and athletes around, the one name in the niche of Boxing has always shined brighter than any other and that is of Muhammad Ali. Being the hero and role model for many in the same field. Muhammad Ali has always enjoyed being … Read More »

How Much Aamir Liaquat Earns From Ramadan Transmissions?

How much aamir liaquat earns

Ramadan are just upon us and the celebrities who have been hosting the Ramadan special transmissions are again all setbto make a huge amount of money this year. We have been covering much on the same topic and here comes an indepth of an interesting … Read More »

How Much Money Do The Channels Make From Ramadan Transmission?

How much channel make in ramadan transmission

Our TV screens had been occupied by numerous Ramadan programs airing on many networking stations like ARY, Geo TV, Hum and many more. Even though all these shows have broadcasted doubtful content for some time now but this year they appeared to have … Read More »

Incredible Ramadan Transmissions You Should Not Miss In 2016

Incredible Ramadan Transmissions

The time has arrived when the most beloved and sacred month for the Muslims come all over the world. Yes, say welcome to the Holy month of Ramadan with a gratitude for its countless blessings and pleasures rewarded by Almighty Allah. The religious … Read More »