The Pros and Cons Of Going Freelance

pros-and-cons-of-going-freelanceFreelancing is the perfect choice if you enjoy working independently. Whether it be a big or small business, every business can need freelancers. Most of the time you decide how and when you will work but you will have to dedicate a lot of time for self-promotion and pitching to the clients. [Continue reading…]

7 Deadly Sins Of Affiliate Marketing

seven-deadly-sins-of-affiliate-marketingAffiliate marketing concept sounds too simple – You sign up for an affiliate program, the customer comes to your site and makes a purchase and you earn a piece of profit for each sale. If you are not aware about how affiliate marketing works do read the basic guide which I’d written sometime back.  [Continue reading…]

8 Ways Women Can Earn Online Without A Website

Ten-Ways-Women-Can-Earn-Online-Without-A-WebsiteStarting a business in real world may burn a hole in your pocket. Entrepreneurship and freelancing is a rage today. Setting up an online business requires less or no investment. This is one of the significant reasons why “work from home” sounds like a perfect idea for womens and to some extent mens too.  [Continue reading…]

9 Underused Time Management Strategies For Serious Freelancers

Time-management-strategies-for-freelancersIf you are a freelancer you already would know how important time management is. You might fail to impress your clients with your work if you can’t meet a deadline.

As a freelancer time is one of your most valuable assets. With proper planning, prioritization and scheduling you can maximize your potential 10x as a freelancer. Read on to find out the 9 underused time management strategies for serious freelancers.  [Continue reading…]

15 Significant Differences Between A Website And A Blog

Inbound and outbound marketing

Many online as well as offline businesses these days are preferring to make a blog instead of a website. What exactly distinguishes a blog from a website? And which one is more effective? Read on to find out 15 significant differences between a website and a web log (blog). 

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The Ultimate Guide To Promote Yourself As A Freelancer


The idea of making money online is spreading like a fire. Competition is getting fierce out there, and there are many other freelancers who are far more experienced. So if you want to get far in the freelance world you need to stand out. You need to know the right tactics to draw attention to yourself effectively. You […]

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Top Ten Countries With Lowest Population In 2015


When thinking of a complete a nation, an idea of huge cultures with millions of people pops up in our mind but despite our imagination, there are some relay small countries in the world. Top ten countries with lowest population in 2015 are as followed!

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Top Ten Most Popular Brands In India In 2015


India is the owners of some of the most valuable brands in the entire world and features many latest and daily use products in the international and national market every day. So we have gathered a list of top 10 brands that performed really well this year. The top ten most popular brands in India […]

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