Top Ten Richest Widows of the World in 2014

Laurene Powell Jobs Top Ten Richest Widows of the World in 2014Talking about the richest persons in the world, it includes both men and women but we seldom hear about the richest widow in the world. Due to a massive increase in the number of women appearing in the charts of 2014’s billionaire list, it became considerable to categorize those women who have made their fortunes by inheriting from their husbands. So we highlight a list of top ten richest widows of the world in 2014. [Continue reading…]

Ten Most Amazing Profitable Business to Establish Using Forex Trading

FX Research Specialist Ten Most Amazing Profitable Business to Establish Using Forex Trading Forex trading is one of the most authentic ways of growing Your income by playing a safe trick and investing in the forex money making mechanism. If you are a forex expert and looking forward to cash your talent by establishing businesses, you really need to have a look on the 10 interestinf ingredients u can adopt to make money.


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Ten Most Influential Personalities in India Since 1947

Manmohan Singh Ten Most Influential Personalities in India Since 1947Asians have always managed to be in limelight for their influence on the world and to be precise, India is one of those popular nations that own a huge bundle of people who are known for their personalities all over the world. If you have been dealing with an urge of exploring the top 10 most influential personalities in  India since 1947, here is a quick list that you need to look at.

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10 Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries  10 Perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned CountriesBeing affiliated with the online market and looking forward to cash your skills all the way from your living room is interestingly getting very popular these days but the idea somehow or the other depends on the availability of transactional accounts in your country. PayPal has been leading the race for its prominent services facilitating bloggers all over the world yet there are some of suffering nations that are still not able to make money online as PayPal is banned within their borders.  Here are 10 perfect Alternatives of PayPal in Banned Countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, etc. Have a look!

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What Makes Imran Khan and PTI So Popular


If you have been into the Pakistani politics lately, you might have been wondering who Imran Khan really is, this writeup may help you to clarify your ideas about the stance of this cricketer-turnes-politician and his policies. Lets have a look on what makes Imran Khan and PTI so popular!

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Top 10 Richest Princes in the World In 2014


Whether it be in the fairytales or a matter of reality, Royals are meant to be the rich people in terms of wealth probably for the inherited fame and money. We have been highlighting the rich lists of many royals and kings and here we are again with something really new this time. Ever thought […]

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Top 10 Worst Android Games That You Should Not Buy


While the invention of smartphones have given a real boost to the economy of the world in general, the developers are enjoying the best era of making money by cashing their programming skills. If you have been a real fond of playing good games on your android phone, you must definitely know the top 10 […]

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10 Interesting Ways to Make Money from Home In 2014


If you are capable woman and look forward to add your share in spending a luxurious life by earning money all the way from home, you surely have a hundred of ways to cash your talent in the most easy and appropriate way. We have been enlightening our readers with new ideas on how can […]

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How Currency Is Related To Gold


Gold is preciously expensive these days but its value can deviate significantly if it has to be judged with respect to the currencies. Have you ever given a thought that how gold is related to currency? If not, then, this can be really interesting for you. Have a look!

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Ten Most Viewed TV Channels for Females


Women can be really unpredictve as far as their choice of interest is concerned. Out of around 500 of registered and popular tv channels, if you really wish to find out the most viewed tv channels for females, you surely have landed over the right place. Have a look!

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Net Worth of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari


Known as the natural and the very legitimate heir of one of the  most popular political parties of  Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto has recently proven himself as an upcoming leader of Pakistan who is hoped to lead Pakistan’s People’s Party in the next elections. If you have been wondering about his net worth, you really need […]

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Top 10 Richest Female Entrepreneurs In 2014


 There is found a misconception among the majority of people that women are born to look after families and kids whereas the research has proved that women can think twice as that of men when it comes to their domain of interest. If you are a woman living all your life at home or a […]

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