Top Ten Richest VIP People of France In 2016

Richest VIP People of France in 2016For Centuries, France has always been known for its magnificent history and scenic beauty. Whether it it be Paris in depth or France as a whole, its a land of beautiful people with brilliant business strategies. France is the principal member of most leading industrialized nations of the world. It is due to the mixed economy of the world and has seventh largest economy because of its purchasing power parity.

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15 Haram Ways You Must Avoid To Make Money Online

15 haram businesses you must avoid to make money online“Eat of the good things and do good deeds.” (2:168)  This verse from Almighty Allah regarding significance of lawful earning and its influence on your decisions while choosing your way to earn money. Being a Muslim, we all know how strict and definite the criteria for earning livelihoods is. We have been provided a line between haram and halal stuff and doings that follows some principles and rules. Lawful earning is highly emphasized and loved by Allah and unlawful earning takes you nowhere in the world as well as in the eyes of God.

As of present world, online money making has become very common and it opens thousands of ways for you to earn your fortune. But not all the ways take you to earn lawful money. Infact there are a great many businesses that fall under the category of Haram earning. You need to ponder over it and be aware while choosing your source of income. [Continue reading…]

10 Haram Businesses to Start Online


10 Haram Businesses to Start OnlineYou must be wondering what the point of discussing the illegal or haram ways to earn money online is. Yes? There is a strong need of making people (specially those who are working online) realize the need to know that there is not all stuff that apparently looks charming in order to earn money online is genuine or authentic. For all those Muslims who want to keep their accounts clear by earning transparent and white money by halal ways should be careful and avoid a great many online businesses which come under the category of Haram according to Islamic Jurisprudence.

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How Much Share in Property is Given to Women Divorced in India and Pakistan

How Much Share in Property is Given to Women Divorced in India and PakistanSeparation between husband and wife, what we know as ‘Divorce’ on getting official and legal, is one of those acts that one never wants to experience. But this bitter fact sometimes become the reality of two lives and is needed to be accepted anyhow. The dissolution of marriage takes place as a consequence of marital issues, lack of understanding or any kind of unrest between the spouses. The nature and environment put large impact on such kind of happenings. You can see different trends of causes and reasons that combine to let the individuals take final decision for divorce. The trend varies from country to country and region to region. [Continue reading…]

How Much Share in Property is Given to Women Divorced in USA and UK

distribution process and conditions

One of the most unwanted yet certain realities of human life include separation of couples. This act of being separated for any kind of reasons is officially known as divorce and is usually supposed to be a right for both the partners sharing a marital relation. As a matter of fact, it is quite obvious […]

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Top 10 Biggest Banks of Iran in 2016

Top 10 Biggest Banks of Iran in 2016

With a day to day revolutionizing of world’s different industries resulting in economy and finance of the countries, there is a need to keep updated with the latest stats. When it comes to the economy and finance sector of Iran, there is always a relation or comparison between pre revolution or post revolution statistics. Iranian […]

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How Much Remittances Pakistan Receive?

How Much Remittances Pakistan Receive

Pakistan is a country where remittance remains a key external source that works for exceeding foreign investment flows. These remittances are considered to be the major source of foreign exchange, earnings from major exports and covering substantial portion of imports of the country. These remittances are therefore considered as the backbone of Pakistan’s economy.

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How Much Revenue Blogging Generates For America?

How Much Revenue Blogging Generates For America

  In a state like America, one can easily find the reasons to stay and get settled in order to achieve the accomplishments of the goals of lives. When people call it a ‘land of opportunities’, they are never wrong or mistaken. This country proves to be one with respect to all the major factors […]

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