How Much Money Candy Crush Makes In a Month

 Candy crush makes in a month How Much Money Candy Crush Makes In a MonthIf you too have been a Candy Crush fan and loves to play with candies in the candyland, it can be more than a surprise for you to figure out all about the lucrative income reveal that the makers are enjoying per month as an appropriate estimate. You will be amazed to find how much money candy crush makes in a month below!

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10 Most Popular Earning Blogs to Learn Online Money Making

most popular money making blogs 10 Most Popular Earning Blogs to Learn Online Money MakingAlthough we have always tried to share with you, best of the most reliable methods to make money online, we still cherish the sites that are doing equally good in the domain. As a result of a detailed research, Here are 10 of the most popular earning blogs to learn online money making. Have a look!

Top 10 Bloggers Who Brought Revolutions in the Online World

Tim Ferriss Top 10 Bloggers Who Brought Revolutions in the Online World Almost every living soul on earth dreams to be rich-and-popular-and-lazy, all the same time, but there are only a few who are able to achieve this. Blogging is surely one of the most impressive forms of making money online but there are some of the very talented and lucky bloggers who were able to change the entire strategy with the power of their blogging capabilities.

Have a look on the top 10 bloggers who brought revolutions in the online world!

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Top 7 Worst Football Players in the World Ever!

Ali Dia Top 7 Worst Football Players in the World Ever!We have already discussed a little more than the FIFA craze so far but we still have juicy ingredient to share with you an amazing list of worst Football players in the world who, no matter, despite of their hard work, could not get a huge fan following for their skills in the domain of Football.

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Top 10 Most Prominent Blogs of Brazil In 2014

most prominent blogs of Brazil in 2014

 Now that FIFA World Cup Brazil is over, it can still be interesting to share something more about the host country which is also known for having the most prominent bloggers as per the reveals of 2014. Known that Brazilians make a pretty creative nation, there are some amazing bloggers who started off with a […]

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Germany Wins The FIFA World Cup 2014–The Champions!


After keeping the whole world occupied for an entire month, FIFA World Cup 2014 has reached its end, declaring Germany to be the winner of the match. Germany has undoubtedly shown a brilliant performance throughout the FIFA 2014 and has rightly won the most desirable trophy of the year! Congratulations! Let’s have a quick flashback of the […]

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A Look at the Massacre in Palestine in 2014 – In Search of Humanity!


I had a nightmare yesterday. There were noises so sharp that I could barely open up my eyes to visualize what is happening around. I was still somewhere in the middle of processing what is wrong with the surroundings when I felt the roof coming all my way. I tried to push it back when […]

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5 Reasons Why United States Could Not Make It to FIFA Quarter Finals In 2014

united states did not make to fifa

 Anything it be, United States has always make sure to rule it in terms of talent, money and fortune, altogether at times. FIFA World Cup finale is just a few hours away from us and it can be really interesting for all the  Americans and State Lovers that why actually United Stated Could not make […]

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10 Rich Footballers Who Own a Side Business


All you need to start an effective business to earn ready revenue is a name,popular enough to attract fans and followers and with our prominent Football players, the heritage continues. It has been noted that almost every sportsman sooner or later is found establishing his own set-up and so has been done by the Rich […]

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10 Animals That Can Predict FIFA Winning Team in 2014


 Taking help and asking to predict future from animals is an old myth that is still found in almost all traditions is some way or the other. With FIFA 2014 and its quarter finals all set to bang the football lovers, analysts are taking the help of animals to predict the winning team all over […]

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10 Most Popular Sports Brands for Footballers In 2014


 Endorsing advertisements and marketing products is one of the most popular side businesses of the players. Football players like Ronaldo, Messi, KAKA and Beckham has always availed the opportunity to be in the limelight by this possible way. There are, however, some of the genuine sports brands for footballers that are popular with the tags […]

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Brazil’s Biggest Defeat By Germany in FIFA History – SEVEN to ONE!

Brazil’s Biggest Defeat By Germany in FIFA History

The most historic match in the history of Football has landed up the host of FIFA World Cup 2014 in a real awkward position where Brazil has earned its biggest Defeat by Germany with just ONE on Scoreboard against SEVEN magnificently clear goals made by Germany! Fighting for the Finals, Brazil took on Germany for […]

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