10 ways how NGO’s make money

NGO CV Resume Sample Template 10 ways how NGO’s make moneyAn organization basically runs for a specific cause and anything working for a cause is meant to generate money. An NGO, as we know already, is non-governmental organization that functions completely independent of the government sector and fall in the category of nonprofit, citizen based organizations. [Continue reading…]

Ten Countries Where English Is Not Spoken

Spain Ten Countries Where English Is Not SpokenCarrying forward your heritage and keeping it as your foremost priotity is essentially important for an individual, afterall, this is what becomes the basis of his character and morales when it comes to developing a strong nation in general. Although English has grown really big conquering almost the entire world, there still are countries where English is not spoken as they believe their linguistic capabilities do not need an external support, in any form.

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Top Ten Poorest Nations In 2015

 Burundi1 Top Ten Poorest Nations In 2015Being human, there lies a delicate shade in all of us, irrespective of the race or nationality and that is, the thought of being considerate towards those suffering ones who are not even getting the basic necessities of life. We have been sharing so much about the wealthy people who have captured more than half of the world’s revenue approximately, let us quickly share with you the poorest nations of the world in 2014. Have a look!

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Top Ten Richest Young Americans In 2014

Dustin Moskovitz Top Ten Richest Young Americans In 2014Being the superpower, America is one of those richest countries that enjoys the existence of richest people of the world. Having said this, we have always been sharing the richlists of the world and here we are again with top 10 richest Americans in 2014. Have a look! [Continue reading…]

What Made Daniel Harrison So Rich


Daniel Harrison name needs no introduction at al. he is very well known and famous as a successful American businessman who is the heir of Texas oil and gas companies. He has the entire family oil business which was previously started by his grandfather the first Daniel Harrison.

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Top 50 Most Influential Women In The World In 2015

Angela Ahrendts

 Women have always proved their incomparable strengths in every field in the male dominated society and the world has a hug list of influential women who have set new examples for the women, all over the world. If you have been wondering about the top 10 most influential women in the world in 2015, here […]

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Top 10 Richest Painters Of The World In 2015


It’s a common hearing that the people choosing a career of becoming an artist are always those ready to suffer socially, financially and even personally. In my candid view, this must be a misconception or people are seldom aware of the richest and wealthiest painters, photographers, designers and artists all around the world. The art […]

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A Closer Look At The Net Worth Of E L James


The passing year that is 2014 has not been a healthy one for the authors all over the world. But there is one name that was not even heard or known only a few days back, appeared to be on the top spot of the list of highest paid authors of the year. Yes! The […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Make Money Online

Why you should not make money online

Everybody in this cosmopolitan world wants to make money and it seems to be one of the greatest aims of people’s life. Making money by different techniques and procedures include the world’s biggest and rising online markets where you can make easy online money. Trend of doing business has been changed in the previous days […]

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10 Movies that Generated Most Business In 2014


Some of the largest and vast business markets of the world today include film making. With all the latest technologies and high quality film making experts, Hollywood has been ruling the film industry for years. Many big movies get produced and screened gaining different general and critical opinions. The first thing that matters while working […]

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Top Ten Richest Musicians In 2014

Top 10 richest musicians in 2015

“I am not a businessman, I am a business, man!” says Jay-Z, one of the top class rappers of the world. This cool and amazing quote expresses all about a musician’s view of music and business. Today’s reality is that the names of the popular ones’ make them earn their fortune by any means. Once […]

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5 reasons Why You Should Not Choose Theme Forest

Make money with theme forest

Web developers, bloggers, IT operators and other online marketing experts must all be aware of theme forest, a service center powered by Envato, one of the largest names in online markets. If you are a developer then you can easily make a judgment of what’s sane and what’s insane with the theme forest. Although it […]

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