12 Logical Reasons Why Facebook Bought Instagram for $1 Billion

Why facebook bought instagramIf you are a Facebook User and You are keen to know what forced the Giant Facebook to invest $1 Billion in getting its hands on Instagram, you are at the right place because, even we had been working hard to actually settle down with a piece of research behind this. Oh yes, for those who do not yet know the big news of the Social Media Market, Facebook has actually acquired Instagram App for $1 Billion. Having been talk much about the news itself, here are some of the actual Logical reasons that are behind this big deal. Have a look! Read More »

30 Awesome WordPress Themes For Conference And Events 2016

Awesome WordPress Themes for Conferences and EventsIf you are planning to get your hands on coming up with an amazing conference or event and yet not sure what appropriate WordPress themes to choose, you have surely landed up at the right place. Everything needs to look pleasant! Whether it’s a furniture you buy for your room or the dress you choose for wedding, first thing that matters is how it apparently looks like. Similarly, what it takes for a website to look good, depends on what theme or template you choose for it. With all the new advancement and modern web designing modifications, a number of amazing features have been included into WordPress themes making it more convenient to work on. 2016’s best WP themes for conference and events are listed below. Read More »

Ten Richest Chinese Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood chinese celebritiesWith the advancement in the Hollywood film industry, the demand of fresh faces is increasing every day. Most of the film directors and producers are now casting and hiring Chinese actors, actresses, singers and producers for their upcoming projects.

Ten richest Chinese Hollywood celebrities are as stated below.

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Ten Amazing Facts about Robert Kiyosaki

Facts about robert kiyosaki

We have been lately sharing much about the great person to be known Robert Kiyosaki and here we are again with some amazing facts you might not know about Robert. Before that, in case you still not know who this great man is, here goes a brief … Read More »

What is the Net Worth of Robert Kiyosaki?

Rich dad poor dad robert

The author of the famous book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, Robert Kiyosaki is all knownfor his incredible work in the domain of authorship and councelling. It would not be wrong to consider him as one of the leading multi-talented personalities in the world. … Read More »

Why Tayyip Erdogan is a popular Muslim Leader?

Erdogan popular leader

The recent protests and military disobeyance made Turkey even a more firm and focused country, thanks to the President Tayyip Erdagon. Tayyip has had been admired not by the nation only, but by the mass audience all over the world for his phenomenal … Read More »

What Is Net Worth Of Tayyip Erdogan?

other sources of income

Talking of a country like Turkey, we can associate a number of big names in regard with its social or political scenario. The current president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdagon is one of those names who have been serving for his conservative … Read More »

Ten Things to Know Before Starting Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO

With the game Pokemon Go, you will find Pokemon in your own actual world. Pokemon Go is constructed on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Policy and so it will consume actual localities to inspire people to hunt faraway and wide in the actual world to … Read More »

How Popular Is Pokemon Go in India and Pakistan?

Pokemon Go in India and Pakistan

Social media is all about catching a Pokemon these days. While the world is busy playing Pokemon, people in India and Pakistan are still keen to know what is it all about! Get to know what makes Pokemon Go so popular in India and Pakistan below! … Read More »

How Rich Is Edhi Foundation?


It is just too unfortunate for Pakistan that it lost its angel sent who helped the suffering people all over the country with his humanity. Abdul Sattar Edhi left all of us crying this month. If you are one of those people who want to know.more about … Read More »

Top 10 Alternatives to Themeforest in 2016

Alternatives themeforest

What we call the most on-demand and revolutionary market of today is none other than Information Technology and data sciences. People have started coding sitting back at their rooms and become experts in it with wide variety of emerging techniques. … Read More »