15 Significant Differences Between A Website And A Blog

15-Significant-differences-between-a-website-and-a-blogMany online as well as offline businesses these days are preferring to make a blog instead of a website. What exactly distinguishes a blog from a website? And which one is more effective? Read on to find out 15 significant differences between a website and a web log (blog).  [Continue reading…]

The Ultimate Guide To Promote Yourself As A Freelancer

The-ultimate-guide-to-promote-yourself-as-a-freelancerThe idea of making money online is spreading like a fire. Competition is getting fierce out there, and there are many other freelancers who are far more experienced. So if you want to get far in the freelance world you need to stand out. You need to know the right tactics to draw attention to yourself effectively.

You need to showcase your work in front of targeted market. This post will guide you to promote yourself exceptionally well in the world of freelance without spending a penny. Keep reading to know some secret insights to instantly raise your freelance profile. [Continue reading…]

Top Ten Countries With Lowest Population In 2015

Marshall Islands

When thinking of a complete a nation, an idea of huge cultures with millions of people pops up in our mind but despite our imagination, there are some relay small countries in the world. Top ten countries with lowest population in 2015 are as followed! [Continue reading…]

Top Ten Most Popular Brands In India In 2015


India is the owners of some of the most valuable brands in the entire world and features many latest and daily use products in the international and national market every day. So we have gathered a list of top 10 brands that performed really well this year. The top ten most popular brands in India in 2015 are: [Continue reading…]

Top Ten Best Fashion Brands In 2015


2015 is the year of fashion and luxury brands and because of this fashion campaigns are going head to head every season where they are competing for a social battleground and to be on the cover of world’s best magazines. The top ten fashion brands in 2015 are:

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Top 5 Most Affordable Cities In The US


The US in one of the Most expensive places in the world to live in. But that doesn’t mean all of it isn’t affordable. There are some cities that are relatively reasonably priced when it comes to living expenses. Forbes analyzed data from America’s 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Metropolitan Divisions with populations of 600,000 […]

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How To Use Quora To Build Your Brand Reputation?

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Quora is a very powerful, yet under-utilized marketing and brand building tool. It is community-based, and is one of the biggest crowd-sourced knowledge base. And it may just be the be the future of other knowledge bases because it’s more flexible with anonymity and it has awesome built-in expertise metrics that can help search engines […]

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Top 20 Richest Female Singers In Middle East In 2015


 Middle East is known for several reasons for its existence on the world map, where sometimes it is for the oil being present and sometimes for the political affairs that manage to be in limelight in some way or the other. However, there is yet one another talent that promotes Middle East in the domain […]

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